What is fuel injection and why do I want it?

Replacing your carburetor with fuel injection will improve your vehicle's performance and fuel efficiency. Additionally, fuel injection eliminates the inconsistencies and "moodiness" typically associated with carburetors and gives your vehicle a more modern feel. In most cases, fuel injection also replaces the existing ignition system. 
What is Hydro-boost and why do I want it?

Hydro-boost offers power-assist braking driven by hydraulic pressure, which is generated by the power steering system. The result is greatly increased braking power over vacuum assist systems or manual brakes. 
Why can’t I find 80/800 bumpers on your products page?

These vehicles require modifications to the frame and cross-member in order to properly and safely mount heavy duty bumpers. We will happily build 80/800 bumpers for vehicles on site, but we do not offer them as a bolt-on product. 

What is the best lift for my Scout?

A bolt on 2" or 4" lift kit offers a great value and ease of installation, with a trade-off in ride quality. A spring-over-axle conversion, while considerably more expensive and labor intensive, offers improved ride-quality and driveability over stock, in addition to giving the vehicle the clearance for larger tires.

 Do you offer un-assembled roll bars?

We consider the welding and assembly of our products to be a critical part of their quality and integrity. For that reason, we do not offer an un-assembled version of any of our products.

 How do I get my project to you?

Your project can be dropped off in person by appointment. If you require transport for your vehicle, feel free to contact us for recommendations.